ECOLUX elevator air conditioning system is the most advanced technology and is suitable for every model.

TLP Compact Type Series combine both the air cooling and the water evaporation functions into a single mechanical body that requires less spatial area. This is a break-through in the elevator air conditioning technology.

Since it requires simple installation and dissembling procedures, it takes less time in maintenance service. There are 2.5kw and 3.2kw cooling capacities models designed for different circumstances.
  • Hassle-free from water drips

  • The system adopts an internal evaporating system which vaporizes the condensation water. Therefore, additional system and cost for discharging condensation water are not required.
  • Simple Installation and Maintenance

  • There is no external copper tube and drain pipe. The air-conditioning system is easily installed and repaired.
  • High Energy Efficiency (or Energy Conservation)

  • It has high efficiency of air-cooling includes various protection devices and the operation is simple and safe.
  • Minimal Noise Operation

  • Equipped with the high quality Japanese rotary type compressor with low noise blower fans, the system always kept at a low noise level.
  • Anti-bacterial Protection
    By using anti-bacterial filters, it provides fresher air and clears the bad smell.

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